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There are so many translations of the Bible, each one offering a unique reading experience. Which translation you choose to read should be based on your individual language preferences and understanding of the background of Biblical times. However, it is recommended that you take the time to explore all the different versions of the Bible available to you in order to find the one that provides the greatest understanding while speaking to you the most. Here are a few popular versions and descriptions of what sets them apart from their counterparts.

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Do you ever think about the word lavish? It's ok if you immediately thought to yourself, "No! Who thinks of lavish?" Well, I do, or should I say, it's a word that has rattled around in my head since I first came across it in the Bible. It seemed an odd word to be used in the Bible. I used to think of the word "lavish" in relation to extreme wealth. A television show that was on when I was a teenager was "The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and it was known for showing the lavish homes, cars, and vacations the rich and famous could afford. Materialistic wealth is one thing, spiritual wealth is in fact entirely different and that's what I find so peculiar about this word lavish being used in the Bible of all places. As I am often compelled to do, I had to look the word up. So bear with me here for a minute, if this bores you, scroll down, I promise I'm going to make a point.

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