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Straight and Narrow -

Morality is natural when things are going well. Few would be willing to sacrifice their principles when it's easy to defend them, after all. The real test of morality comes when things aren't going well - when the situation gets desperate and sticking to your morals means the possibility of adverse consequences. There are, however, methods of making sure you can display morality even when situations are tough. Examine Your Morals Perhaps the best place to start is with an examination of your morals. What is at the core of your moral code and what's merely window dressing? It's often...

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Church -

What do we make of the church? A building? A social mishap? An institution that has damaged the lives of many people? A place for religious things? A location for people who cannot cope with the realities of life? This may well sum up a lot of what we feel and think of the church. Moreover, what about the people within it? They have been termed backward, regressive, bigoted, hypocritical, liars, cheats. An endless list of negative terminology. However, that is not the true church: "you are the body of Christ and individually members of it" (1 Corinthians 12:27). The...

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Lavish Lifestyles -

Do you ever think about the word lavish? It's ok if you immediately thought to yourself, "No! Who thinks of lavish?" Well, I do, or should I say, it's a word that has rattled around in my head since I first came across it in the Bible. It seemed an odd word to be used in the Bible. I used to think of the word "lavish" in relation to extreme wealth. A television show that was on when I was a teenager was "The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" and it was known for showing the lavish homes, cars,...

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