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2 Timothy 4:17, communicate, John 3:16, modest dress, modestly, Shirts with Scriptures -

Those who practice a lifestyle of faith often look for ways to express their love of God each day. Although there are many ways to express yourself, the clothing that you choose to wear can also be used as a tool of sharing your love of God with other people. Here are a few ways you can express yourself with the way that you dress.

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Center of Your Relationship, families, Getting married, parents, relationships -

Getting married and starting a family with someone is no easy task. As your children grow older, it is important that they see their mother and father have a healthy and loving relationship. This will not only provide them with a nurturing environment to grow up in, but loving your spouse will show your children what marriage is all about. When your children go on to have a relationship of their own, they should be able to model their marriage off how you and your spouse loved and cared for one another.

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Christ, Holy spirit, Obey the Laws, Romans 3, Seek Jesus -

It does not matter if you made a big mistake or a little one, you can still turn your life around. You can be surrounded by people who really want you to do your best. If you are ready to live a brighter tomorrow, then you are on the road to success. The great news is that you do not have to walk that road alone.

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Encourage, Family Time, Pictures, Questions, Reading, Routine -

Getting a child to sit down and read any book is a challenge, and the Bible is no exception. And yet, your kids can learn so much from it if they start reading it from an early age. If you want your children to be interested in reading the Bible and learning more about what it has to offer, consider these three simple tips.

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FORGIVENESS, highly motivated, Momma, My kids LOVE candy, sour, sweet -

Lord knows my tentacles of frustration have been known to lash out at anything moving, speaking, or even breathing in the vicinity – guilty or not.  Well the floor combat raged on when all of a sudden Porter re-appeared…wearing EAR MUFFS!  And without saying a word to me, he knelt down right beside his sister, grabbed her hand, and told her “bro bro” was there and she could be brave. PAUSE That was it – birthed from the sour, pink eyed mess, a moment of sweetness to savor.

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