3 Ideas to Get Your Kids Interested in Reading the Bible

Getting a child to sit down and read any book is a challenge, and the Bible is no exception. And yet, your kids can learn so much from it if they start reading it from an early age. If you want your children to be interested in reading the Bible and learning more about what it has to offer, consider these three simple tips.

Use Pictures

An illustrated Bible can be a great way to get a child interested in what they have to read. The Bible can be hard for even the brightest person to understand sometimes, especially if you read a translation that is full of archaic language that could go over a child's head. You can find illustrated Bibles and picture books that show Bible stories that are v appropriate for very young children. Invest in some of those if you want something that will be easier for your child to understand. At the very least, it could spark some interest in the more reluctant young readers in your household.

Create a Routine

Part of teaching your child to read the Bible is establishing a set routine that is easy for them to follow. Set aside some time every night for your child to read some of their favorite verses or verses that you would like them to learn.You can also take the time to sit down and read with them. Make bible study a family event every night if you want—as long as you keep things relatively simple. Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be, since reading the Bible can be intimidating to many people, especially children.

Encourage Your Child to Ask Questions

Part of the reason why the Bible is such an important book is that it encourages people of all ages to ask important questions about their life and their faith. While you probably can't expect a child to ask the same kinds of questions about God, life, and the universe as you might ask, you should still encourage your child to ask questions about what they read. If you find that they can't come up with their own questions, you can always give them questions to ask. Be prepared to answer these questions as well to encourage your children to keep thinking about what they read.

Reading the Bible should be a vital part of any Christian's life, no matter how old they are. Never be afraid to sit down with your children and encourage them to read the Word of God, even if it seems intimidating at first.

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