5 Creative Ways to Keep Your Congregation Engaged

Has your congregation been drifting off lately? Are you not seeing more parishioners stepping up and helping to expand the reach of your church? The big issue here is that the congregation may no longer be connected, and sooner or later this could be devastating to the church as a whole. Here are five creative ways to keep your congregation engaged.  

1. Give the Church a Facelift

Perhaps the building where you hold services hasn't seen a fresh coat of paint since the last century. The expression about judging a book by its cover could apply here, so get some volunteers together and work on giving the church a fresh new look. Parishioners who own painting companies, carpeting businesses, and even electricians can all chip in to modernize the facility.  

2. Update the Church Website

Just because your church has a website does not mean you are getting your biggest bang for the buck. Spend a few dollars or see if any parishioners who can do web design are willing to help give the church website a modern transformation to attract a new following. The site can work as a vital source of information to help keep people connected to exciting things happening at the church.  

3. Hold Fun Charity Events

Forget those candle drives or baked sales, hold a big carnival in the parking lot and watch how your group responds. Everyone loves these type events, and it is just a great way to get the congregation together in an informal setting and excited about what is going on at the church.  

4. Cool Off the Congregation

Maybe the congregation is drifting off in church because it feels like they are baking in an oven. Nothing can jolt a drowsy person awake faster than a burst of ice-cold air. Make an air conditioning maintenance appointment and chill off that room before guests arrive, the colder room will undoubtedly get their attention.  

5. Spice Up the Reading Materials

The reading materials in most churches are as old as the Bible. Wake up your congregation with some new literature about upcoming events, local news, or how the church plans on improving the community this year. Updating the reading material every week will help keep the congregation focused.   By the time you get through this list of creative ways to engage your congregation, you will already see a change in their demeanor moving forward. Resources http://www.worshiphousemedia.com/church-media-blog/leadership/five-must-haves-foyer-facelift/ https://www.agfinancial.org/blog/bid1080158-affordable-ways-to-improve-your-church-facilities/ http://classicacservice.com/ http://www.coyotecommunications.com/stuff/events.html

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