5 Elements of an Awesome Faith-Based Retreat

Courtesy of Crosswalk Faith-based retreats can be an excellent way for children and adults to explore their spirituality and connect with people with similar goals. It helps that most retreats take place outdoors where people can see the incredible power and beauty of God's creation in person. To make the retreat successful, it will require a couple of standard features that any retreat should have.

Bible study

There are sure to be plenty of activities, but you need to be sure that Bible study is a priority. Every day, you should have a variety of options available at different times and different pastors. Also, try to keep the lessons as loving and inspirational as possible. This is a time and a place to learn about the love of Jesus and celebrate life. Smaller groups allow for people to have a more personal experience and share their own stories. Be sure that attending Bible studies is a requirement of people at the retreat. Make people sign in or use a different form of attendance.

Guest speakers

There are so many inspirational people to learn from, and a successful retreat will incorporate speakers to spread the desired inspirational message. Be sure to schedule people who have captivating stories, and don't overbook your retreat! Having too many speakers can make it seem more like a corporate event than a fun retreat.

Camping Activities

Courtesy of Blackrock Christian Retreats A faith-based retreat should have God at the center of everything, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy more traditional retreat activities. Have opportunities for horseback riding, canoeing, hiking, art, and other activities for the people at the retreat to enjoy. Make as many of the group activities if possible so that people can learn to work together.


Speak up to the Lord with short devotionals every day. The Lord is great, and we should be proud to celebrate him every day. Since this is not a discussion, this can be done in a large group. Pick something positive and celebratory.


Firesides are especially important as one of your youth activities because this is when you get to have fun and bond with the people on this spiritual journey! Unpack the s'mores ingredients and sing songs together. You can even have discussions in a more informal setting, allowing more people to open up.   Making a faith-based retreat both inspiring and fun isn't as hard as you might think! Make sure that you have these elements, and you can be sure you'll have a great time! For more ideas on how to increase you and your family’s spirituality,

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