Christ Will Heal You — Even From Abuse

For those who are victims of abuse, it can often be challenging to move on from the trauma and heal emotionally. Addiction can often develop out of abuse, which can affect every area of your life. If you want to move on from the pain and the past, it's important that you take the right steps toward that goal. When you do, Christ can heal you.


As painful as it is, recognizing the problem is crucial. Abuse can assume many forms, including sexual, physical, emotional and verbal. They all involve taking advantage of one's power over another. Physical abuse isn't restricted to just striking someone. It can include pushing, pulling, grabbing, or merely threatening physical violence. Verbal abuse can be a consistent source of pain even if physical abuse isn't present. It is often characterized by insulting and degrading someone in an attempt to undermine their self-confidence. Sexual abuse is an undesired sexual act or behavior forced by one person onto another. This can happen as a single incident on a casual date or repeatedly within a marriage. Stalking is a type of abuse that commonly occurs in conjunction with others. 

Acknowledging your pain and the abuse that occurred is the first step to take in learning to grieve and beginning the recovery process. Denial can make it challenging to work through the pain and process what occurred, which can prevent you from moving on from the events. 

Join a Christian Support Group

Christian groups can help you find emotional support from professionals and even from other individuals who are also victims of abuse. In your local area, look for a group where you can process your emotions and have a safe place to discuss the pain that you're working through. With the right support group, you can obtain advice and guidance on how to heal. Meeting with other people can make it easier to avoid feeling alone or pushing the trauma aside.

Accept God's Truth

One of the most effective ways to allow Christ to heal your pain is to soak in his truth by reading the Bible each day. Meditating on healing verses can transform your mind and allow you to find comfort. Worshipping, praying and participating in fellowship will prove to be effective as you continue to grow as a Christian. Seeking revelation from the Bible can also make it easier to find comfort if painful thoughts or memories come up in the future. Remember that abuse is never the victim’s fault and that God loves you.


Although it may feel impossible to forgive your abuser, it's one of the most important steps that you can take to move on and find freedom. Failing to forgive will only leave you feeling trapped and make it challenging to let go of the pain. Bear in mind that forgiveness is more of a decision than a feeling. Once you forgive your abuser, you can let go of the pain and empower yourself to move on with your life. If you struggle to forgive your abuser, pray to God for help and He can give you the strength to do so. It may be difficult and take time to forgive your abuser, but with Christ’s help, it is possible.


Understanding that Christ can heal you from your past abuse can offer hope and allow you to work through the pain. You can hold onto Him when everything else in your life seems like it’s falling apart. By taking the necessary steps, you can find relief and freedom as you choose joy and realize that the pain in your past does not determine your future.

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