Expressing Your Love for God Can Be as Simple as the Way You Dress

Those who practice a lifestyle of faith often look for ways to express their love of God each day. Although there are many ways to express yourself, the clothing that you choose to wear can also be used as a tool of sharing your love of God with other people. Here are a few ways you can express yourself with the way that you dress.

Wear Shirts with Scriptures on Them

One great way to communicate what you believe is by choosing to wear shirts that have scriptures on them. From John 3:16 to 2 Timothy 4:17, there are many different verses that you can wear, which can be uplifting and encouraging to other people who see them when you're out in public. You'll be able to share the Word with each shirt you wear, which will likely cause other people to strike up a conversation with you.

Dress More Modestly

In today's society, it can often be difficult to find modesty. As E&O Apparel says, wearing modest apparel says a lot about who you are. Church women may not have a lot to pick from when it comes to dressing modestly, but that doesn’t mean you can't find cute pieces, though. You can still dress fashionably and stay updated with the latest trends without having to be revealing. Opt for wearing camis under tops that are too low or ripped jeans that only have tears on the knees instead of on the thighs. Covering up will not only allow you to practice having your body as a temple but can allow other people to have more respect for you.

Choose the Right Swimwear

Spending time by the pool or at the beach means having to wear swimwear, which can often be revealing. As an alternative, Cover up for Christ recommends wearing a bathing suit that has a cami and skirt included to ensure you can have enough coverage and feel comfortable while taking a dip in the water. Wearing a wrap or cover up can also allow you to avoid showing off your thighs or chest.

Expressing your love for God doesn't have to be complicated with how you live. By choosing to practice modesty with what you wear, you can make a statement that stands out from the crowd and can allow you to witness to more people that you come in contact with each day.

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