How to Attain and Maintain a Fabulous Church Wardrobe

People own about $13 billion worth of clothes that they do not wear in the United Kingdom alone, and it is not any different in the rest of the developed world. In fact, the average American has about $263.44 worth of unnecessary clothing in their wardrobe. If you go to a church where dresses are still the norm, then here are some tips on how not to waste your paycheck on church dresses while always looking sharp.

Hold the Dress Up to the Light

If you are shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, then hold a single layer of the dresses fabric up to a bright light source. You should make sure that the material is thick enough to not see through easily. Secondly, the weave should be tight and even as this indicates that the garment will stand the test of time better. If the dress has some stretch to it, then go ahead and stretch it. The dress should immediately bounce back to its original shape.

Basic Dresses Are Your Friend

One of the secrets to not overspending on church dresses is to buy basic dresses. The best type of dress you can get is a solid color modest dress that you can use with a multitude of additional colors. Additionally, don't miss out on using some of the dresses you already own! Even if you think that you've worn it too many times to church now, you can accessorize to make it stand out and breathe some new life into them. By modifying and layering, even if you have the same dress as someone else, people will never notice. Look for dresses that are made of natural fibers as they tend to hold up to repeat laundering better. Also, feel the fabric as better choices will feel substantial as opposed to thin and flimsy.

Watch the Seams

It is vital that the garment is cut correctly without any ugly bulging in the fabric. Examine the inside of the seams very carefully. The stitching should be even and lay flat. If it does not, then this can be a sign that the dress was cheaply made. It’s better to find quality clothing that is made with natural and long-lasting material. These type of items might be more expensive upfront, but will inevitably pay off as they last years.

Buy at the Right Time

If you need to buy church dresses, then think about buying them when they are in the off-season. You can often find high-quality-winter dresses for sale in the summer and high-quality-summer dresses for sale in the winter. If you need to watch your budget, then consider shopping at outlet stores and at consignment shops. These stores often don’t bend to the seasonal trends other retail shops do, and will have an array of clothing throughout the year.

Take Care of Your Dresses

Follow the manufacturer's directions for caring for your church dress. Launder or dry clean your dress after you wear it. Then, hang it back up in the closet until the next time. Keep your shoes off the floor when not wearing them and consider storing them in a clear shoe box with a lid. Keep your jewelry in a jewelry organizer when you are not wearing it.

You do not have to be among the many who waste money on their church dresses. Keep these tips in mind and use your own ingenuity to take proper care of the ones that you buy. Then, you can enjoy accessorizing them to amaze people with how many different ways you can wear the same dress.

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