How to Make Your Marriage Vows a Way of Life

Many Christians want to make their marriage vows a way of life because they want to honor God through their marriage. Couples can make their vows a reality by choosing to love their partner, ministering to their partner intentionally, and purposefully spending time together. Here are some ways you can make your vows a way of life.

Choosing to Love

In many cases, Christians believe that love will permeate their marriage if they meet "the One." However, the Bible talks about being selfless and choosing to love your partner as you love yourself. In the same way that you might be frustrated with yourself, you might get frustrated with your partner. That means you should work through the frustration and be a better person because of it.

Ministering in Marriage

According to Glen Eyrie, ministering in marriage is based on blessing and being in service to one another. It is not about trading favors. It's about both parties finding ways to serve one another selflessly. Of course, being selfless is easier said than done. However, this ministry goes back to choosing to love one's spouse, whether you think they deserve it or not.

Intentionally Spending Time Together

It's not easy finding time to spend together, especially as the marriage progresses. Between kids, work, education, hobbies or some combination, it's amazing that couples have time to sleep. However, it is vital that couples intentionally spend time together. By using this time, couples can continue to know each other and grow together. If the couple has one or several children, they can hire a babysitter or enlist a family member. The kids are a product of the marriage, but they are not the marriage itself. According to For Your Marriage, if the family is on a budget, one date option is that the parents can bring sandwiches to a local park and walk around together without their children.

Spending time together, ministering to a partner, and choosing to love that partner are all vital aspects of bringing one's marriage vows into reality. Unless you spend time with your partner, you won't know much about them. Unless you minister to your partner even when it's uncomfortable, you won't be able to build them up after a difficult situation or set of circumstances. Unless you choose to love them, you won't be able to stay with them through the difficult times.

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