Simple Tips to Make Your Church More Accessible

For centuries, churches have been an important component of any community. While some may think that they only operate on Sundays, many religious organizations spend much of their time helping those in need. However, there are many ways in which churches can make themselves more accessible to those who they try to serve.

Wheelchair Accessibility

In a typical church, there are several rows of seats that are separated by just a few inches. A typical church generally has narrow aisles that may be difficult to get in and out of in a wheelchair. Offering wider aisles and more space between pews may make it easier for those who are disabled to attend services and be more engaged while they are there. Adding handicap parking spots and entrance ramps can also make it easier for disabled individuals to attend church services and other activities.

Assisted Listening Systems

Filtering sound in your system lower than 100 or 200 Hz will make the spoken word more intelligible. Understanding what is said is important because it will allow an individual to grasp and appreciate what is being taught during a sermon. It can also make it easier to anticipate when it is time to sing a hymn or participate in the passing of the collection plate. Being able to hear clearly will lead to less frustration for both the person who is hard of hearing and others nearby who may be asked to repeat what the pastor is saying.

Offering Sign Language Interpretation

For individuals that are deaf or hard of hearing, having sign language interpretation available at church can make a world of difference. Often, for these individuals, churches can be one of the least accessible places. If no such service is offered, these people can have a hard time comprehending what is going on and can feel isolated or disenfranchised at church. People who are deaf and hard of hearing have just as much right as anyone else to benefit from being taught the word of God. Offering sign language interpretation can allow people who are deaf and hard of hearing to better understand and benefit from the sermons that are being taught. This will help them to feel much more included in the congregation.

Churches can provide a source of inspiration for those who need hope and direction in their lives. Even if an individual is disabled, it can still be possible for them to have a good worship experience and get as much out of a church service as anyone else. Therefore, it is up to church leaders to make that message as accessible as possible.

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