How to Best Reach Out to Your Congregation During COVID-19

The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on every business. It has also prevented people from attending church regularly, which can be hard on people’s mental health. Here are some ways you can reach out to your congregation during these uncertain times.

Increase Your Online Communications

Sending out online forms of communication is essential to maintain your congregation’s satisfaction. Thankfully, it is also easy to reach out using the internet. Start by creating a social media page (probably Facebook or Instagram) for your church. Add members of your congregation if they have an account.

After you do this, make it a point to inform people about outdoor church events and send uplifting, spiritual messages. In doing this, you are building your church up and keeping your members strong. If social media is not your preference, send an email out to your congregation. If your congregation is made up of varying demographics, you might want to try doing both. 

Reassure Them About Precautions

Social distancing in churches is critical to slowing the spread of COVID-19. It is also the key to getting your congregation to attend church again. Most churches have a large audience of elderly people who are the most vulnerable and concerned about the coronavirus. To alleviate their concerns you will need to let them know that you’re taking precautions.

You can easily reassure your congregation through your marketing efforts. Make sure that the pews have signs encouraging social distancing. Social media is also a great place to reassure church members that you’re taking precautions. Make posts about any updated restrictions so that people know what to expect when they attend. You can also talk about any measures you are taking in a church newsletter.

Be Persistent and Uplifting

You should be persistent and uplifting when you contact your church members. Create or share a short video message sending your love and encouragement. Alternatively, send scripture verses to comfort and teach during these troubling times. Obviously, you should not be too pushy, but being present in your members’ lives will keep them aware of church and keep them hopeful. In some cases, you may be able to stop by people’s homes and talk to them briefly. Make sure you are wearing masks, but small actions can make a big difference.

Your congregation is looking to you currently for messages of hope and faith. You should be there as often as you can muster. Always look for opportunities to bless their lives with positive gospel messages or excellent counsel. Your church can overcome this pandemic.

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