Aim Higher Dream Bigger Laptop / Bumper Sticker

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Our inspirational decals are printed on high-quality Avery Dennison scuff-resistant, flexible, white premium calendered vinyl film specifically designed for graphic applications.  The material offers 100% opacity, a matte finish, great image clarity and color pop.  It includes a removable adhesive, and is rated by the manufacturer for up to 3 years durability once printed, and removable up to 1 year (for the easiest removability). 

Decal Sizing

We call these decals “4×3″ because they are printed on a 4-inch by 3-inch template.  Stickers will not actually be that large, due to the spacing and how they are cut. The artwork will be sized to approximately 3 5/8 by 2 5/8 inches.  A white cut-border is then added that is approximately 1/8-inch thick.  This results in a decal that looks like the image shown at the right.

Decals will be printed either portrait or landscape, whichever allows us to create the largest decal within the 4×3 space.

It’s also resistant to most mild acids, alkalies, and salt solutions.

The vinyl material is NOT guaranteed to be removable from:

    • Surfaces with poor paint-to-substrate adhesion

    • Wallboard

    • Existing graphics that must remain intact

    • Aged paint or metal that may have surface oxidation or chalking

    • Outdoor, horizontal surfaces

Aim Higher Dream Bigger Laptop / Bumper Sticker